Fingerpuppets DIY

We developed a DIY tutorial to make storytelling even nicer for you and your little one. Talking and interacting with babies and toddlers is essential for their development. To make this moment more exciting it’s wonderful to accompany your favourite story with custom visual puppets.

All you need is:
A few different colours of felt
A pair of scissors
A bit of thread
A needle
Our downloadable template

Next thing is to cut out the right amount of shapes of felt according to the template.

When you have all of that it’s time to start putting everything together. The easiest is to first put the details on top of the bigger parts. This can also be done with normal white glue if you prefer to not sew.

Next thing is to put together the sides of the figures. Make sure to leave the bottom open to be able to put your fingers in ;).

After that you should have something similar to this.

Now it’s time to add some more details, the white all-purpose marker is an easy way to do it but off course it’s also possible to embroider or paint if you feel up for a challenge.

And there we are! You’re ready to tell your favourite stories now.

Additional it’s nice to add a little envelope to collect your story in. This way you can make a collection for each different. The template for this is added in the download, but as mentioned just an optional extra.

We hope you have a lot of fun making and using the toys. Also feel free to get creative and make some stories of your own with these techniques.