We think easier is not always better

From the start on we always asked ourselves if there is a better way. A better way to use certain materials, to develop our production process, to tell our story. This is a process with a learning curve which we try to improve on a daily basis. Throughout this development our biggest focus was and still is the production process.

We made the conscious choice to produce locally, for multiple reasons. First there is the essential human connection between production and sales. We like to work with people, not with companies. This way we make sure we can follow up every little piece of our production chain to guarantee the best possible quality in the products that go to our customers.

What is the benefit than?

This way of working is not only a good thing for us, but also for local workers, who because of the globalised industry see less and less jobs coming in because of their higher production costs. That was on it’s turn the reason why we don’t work with external retailers. We have to invest a bigger part of our budget in production to maintain a certain quality which we chose over high sales margins, which are necessary when selling through external retailers.

We sell direct, that means that when you buy one of our products you’ll always be in touch with one of us, somebody who knows all the ins and outs about everything we offer. This way we keep track of every step of our products, from production to delivery, whilst it gives us the opportunity to improve every aspect of it right away without a third party involved.

The highest quality, in every part of the process

Good quality is not only a good final product but also a qualitative development and retail process that benefits us to improve ourselves, but also the customer who enjoys high quality products and a personal approach at every moment while not paying more than you would for mass produced products.

The short production chain is definitely not the easiest way, but for us, it’s the best way.