Extra space for maximum comfort

From the moment you know you´re pregnant the one thing you do is start to prepare, yourself, your family and surroundings. You try to prepare everything as good as possible to be ready to anticipate on every possible situation that might occur during this big adventure to give your baby a safe start. Of course life has teached us that this will never work all the time. Nobody is perfect and “mistakes” will happen either way.

Though there are some things we’d like to put some attention to that we see are often forgotten in this preparation list. An important purchase during pregnancy will be transportation equipment. Whether you choose for a classic pram, jogging buggy or carrier there are pros and cons for each one of them. For our design decisions we like to base our opinion on medical statements that are always with the best physical and mental development of the child in mind.


How do we do that?

The biggest trademark of an AngelCab stroller is therefore the big flat carrycot. Research has shown that despite the popular opinion the physical development of a newborn is negatively influenced by a fixed lying position. Infants often get born with an asymmetric body position as a result of their position in the womb. This doesn’t have to be a big problem since babies easily stretch and strengthen out these minimal issues on a natural way when they are given the opportunities for active movement and interaction with their surroundings.

But despite this knowledge modern baby transportation equipment is often doing the opposite, keeping the baby all time in a fixed narrow position. While this may give you a feeling of support and safety because of a limitation of movement this is not having a positive influence on developing the body and it’s muscles in a proper way.

Design & development with health in mind

Our carrycot not only has a completely flat surface but is because of that also longer and wider than the ones from competitors. This way the child can move around and develop it’s body in a natural way which will increase the chances on long term physical issues. The bigger space also means the possibility to stay in the carrycot long enough until the child is really physically ready for the seat-unit, not having to change to it because of a lack of space in the cot.